Private lesson programs to help you!
If your dog needs some extra attention, we have private lesson programs available to help you and your pet with behavior modification for "problem behaviors" as well as basic manners. If this sounds like your situation, I'd love to hear more about your dog so we can determine the best course of action together. Let's talk! Please call 414-881-0779 or submit contact form! 

Please schedule your booking far enough out to accommodate receiving and returning required dog questionnaire.

One-on-One Training

Consultation - $150

All private training programs for behavior modification begin with an intake questionnaire followed by a consultation appointment. At the appointment we review the form, discuss possible causes of the problem behaviors,  brainstorm managing the situation for safety and prevention, and preview of potential short and long term solutions.   Purchase a consultation separately, or  include in a lesson program when program is pre-paid in full at time of meeting. Consultations are typically 90-120 minutes.  Request paperwork to make an appointment. Completed paperwork must be returned a minimum of 48 hours before your appointment for best results.

Plus One - $260

After a consultation, you may want to go it alone, and follow the plan provided. Plus One provides one follow up lesson 2 - 3 weeks later to check in.

Three Private Training Programs to Choose From


Head of the Class Dog Training LLC 

Winchester, VA

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More Options

The Grand Champion - $570
Offers a balance between basic manners and a more customized plan for individual behaviors to fit your needs. Are you looking for more advanced “Basics”, like proofing your dog’s behaviors and fine tuning for Therapy Dog work? Or maybe your dog has a specific trouble spot you are desperate for help with… like barking at school buses or wanting to chase birds…? You will learn to communicate clearly with your dog and also learn what he is trying to communicate to you for a more harmonious and trusting relationship. 


The Buddy System - Partner Training - Is a group class not convenient for your schedule? Do you have training interests that don’t fit in a standard curriculum? Perhaps a private training package is too big of an investment. Creating a partnership with a friend could be the answer. You, your friend, and your dogs can schedule your sessions like private lessons, but you each pay less than the full private lesson price! You get the convenience of a private lesson schedule, for a reduced cost, and you get to train with a buddy! Any of our lesson packages are available for the Buddy System. Call for details

Train While You Work- Sometimes, despite best intentions, even private lessons can be impossible to schedule with busy family activities, long commutes and demanding work days. Leave the nitty gritty training to us. We can train your dog at home while you are at work. Available in the Winchester area only

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The Novice - $360 
Perfect for your busy family that wants to learn the foundations of canine manners scheduled to fit your hectic schedule. You are actively involved in the training process as we work together to perform and perfect the exercises, communicate expectations effectively with your furry family member and set up the environment to eliminate the potential for error. You learn to confidently guide your dog towards choices YOU find desirable instead of typical nuisance behaviors, resulting in a well behaved and trusting family pet.


Web Based Personal Training!

Basic manners - virtually! Get your private lesson program in your own home, via webcam!  All you need is an internet connection, webcam, a dog, some treats, a clicker (optional) and a small space to work! Using technology, you are coached online how to work with your dog for basic manners and common problems. You can train your dog in your jammies!

Any of the three private training programs are available for Web Based Training (not suitable for serious behavior issues)

Web Based Novice - $300

Web Based Grand Champion - $450

Web Based Best in Show - $700

The Best in Show - $880
This option gives you the utmost in flexibility and support in helping you learn to manage, understand, treat, and improve your dog’s behaviors. You will learn how to communicate your expectations with your dog, and also to understand what his behaviors are trying to communicate to you. Basic Manners instruction is a component of this plan, but it is the most customizable to build upon the successes of each lesson to modify more complicated behaviors.