Meet Pluto, the Dobie. Pluto was a little too interested in pursuing the new kittens added to the family. After private training and consistent efforts by his family, he can now relax with the kitties and his brother, too. No more cat chasing!

Train to be a therapy dog team!

Package expires after 12 weeks from date of sign up. All lessons must be completed, and group class must be started within that time or they are forfeited.

  • Five private lesson of approx. 1 hour each, First one held at WAPC
  • A detailed behavioral assessment and review, with outline of proposed treatment plan
  • Choice of three:  Polite Pooch, Puppy, Manners and More,  or Phy Ed for Fido classes
  • Customized written plan emailed to you after each session to guide you towards optimal progress
  • Unlimited email availability for questions and support for the duration of the package, interactive training log
  • Basic Manners training manual, treat pouch, clicker
  • Equipment for basic training – dependent on YOUR dog’s behavioral needs (i.e. long line or tether)
  • Your dog’s “success” photo and story posted on our social media (Facebook, Google+ page, Twitter, and possibly You Tube)

This option is offers a balance between basic manners and a more customized plan for individual behaviors to fit your needs. Are you looking for more advanced “Basics”, for example proofing your dog’s behaviors and fine tuning for Therapy Dog work? Or maybe your dog has a specific trouble spot you are desperate for help with… like barking at school buses or wanting to chase birds…?  You will learn to communicate clearly with your dog and also learn what he is trying to communicate to you for a more harmonious and trusting relationship.

Topics covered: Focus, Sit, Down, Stay, LLW, Heeling, Trade / Drop, Leave It, Come, (increased distractions and distance) Individualized plan dependent on YOUR and YOUR DOG’S needs.

The Grand Champion Lesson Program


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