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Click R' Treat Canine Circus
Click 'R Treat - Canine Circus gets you and your dog doing tricks and is fun for both dog and handler.  Using a combination of lure and shaping, more complex behaviors are built by training a dog to do a behavior in small incremental steps rather than all at once. The dog learns to perform a new behavior by learning smaller parts first.  The same way a lump of clay becomes a vase over time, so the trick is built! The tricks you create are limited only by your dogs' physical capabilities and your own imagination! Your dog can earn his Novice or Intermediate Trick Dog title from DMWYD, and an AKC Trick Dog Title!  Tricks Class is held at the WAPC location only - 190 Costello Dr.

​​Advanced Tricks, Complex Cues, and Chains!
Pre-Req: Circus Tricks Class or equivalent, or, Novice and Intermediate Title from DMWYD, and comfort level with using a clicker or willing to learn. This class takes your basic tricks and turns up the heat! You will learn multi step behaviors and how to chain behaviors together, as well as object discrimination and matching. Earn your Advanced or Expert Title from DMWYD. This class held at the WAPC location only 190 Costello Dr.

Dog Ball / Treibball Foundations
Treibball is a new, positive-reinforcement sport for dogs of all ages, and sizes, who love to play chase games or who just love to herd.  It's great fun for any dog who needs a job, or any herding breed that doesn't have a flock! Playing Treibball uses a combination of classic obedience and herding cues. The game consists of your dog working off-leash and obeying your cues. Your dog uses his nose or shoulders to drive eight balls into a goal within 10 minutes. Treibball is held at the WAPC location only - 190 Costello Dr.

Sniff It!

Fun Scent Games is a class designed to strengthen your dog's most important sense; his nose! In our Level I class, your dog will sniff for food hidden in boxes and other places. As your dog progresses through the course, it will learn to find specific items. You'll be amazed at how greatly your dog will learn to use its keen sense of smell! This class helps build confidence as the dog learns to trust his nose!

Intro to Rally and Heeling
Rally is an AKC sport in which the dog and handler complete an obstacle course of sorts, using stations to practice obedience skills. The dog / handler team proceeds at their own pace, completing each skill for points. Speed is secondary to precision of exercise performance. Each week offers a new course, with a few novel skills.
 Signs may include skills such as: Down – handler walk around dog, Weave around a series of cones, among other cues.
Rally promotes fun and enjoyment for dogs and handlers at all levels, and is a great way to keep basic skills sharp as teams practice more precise heeling.

Fun and Games

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Advanced Dog Training Courses : Your Dog's Brain!

My K9 Einstein!  Class -  3 week class $75  
If you have been in school or have had children in school in the past decade, you probably have heard of “learning styles” or Howard Gardner’s Theory of Multiple Intelligences” – the 8+ different ways human have of being “smart” and solving problems. The latest research with dogs is exploring how dogs learn and solve problems, and they have distinct methods too! In *My K9 Einstein Class, you will observe how your dog solves problems by playing simple games and learn how these preferences affect his / her training.


  • Build strong communication skills, including attention and focus
  • Learn to work as a team
  • Fun exercise to perfect leash walking
  • Sharpen basic skills, such as sit, down, stay, come in a new way

Doggy See, Doggy Do! Class -  6 week class - $150
What if you could teach your dog to do a new behavior by just SHOWING him, and telling him to copy you? Wouldn’t that be easy? Too bad dogs don’t copy humans... But wait! Latest research shows they CAN learn to imitate human behavior! Doggy See Doggy Do! Class teaches you how to apply the cutting edge research to teach your dog new behaviors! Want to explore this revolutionary training? It will fascinate you! And be fun!

More Fun Classes!

Innovative dog training courses for those who want to know MORE! Classes to explore how your dog learns, thinks, problem solves, and processes information!