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FitPaws Trainer Certification

The FitPaws certification is a course teaching canine anatomy, physiology, body mechanics, functional movement, behavior and nutrition. Trainers also receive a thorough overview of regulatory issues and precautions for trainers and coaches. This course requires extensive online and hands-on learning, providing them the opportunity to put their new knowledge to work in real life!

Students also learn movement identification and correction throughout the canine life stages for working and sporting dogs, seniors, puppies and pet dogs. This program caters to those interested in learning about canine exercise form, technique and behavior and prepares students to design their own programs with a positive, science-based methodology and canine-specific equipment.

FitPaws trainers learn to develop programs that produce measurable results using standardized fitness assessments that help them generate and improve canine conditioning.

Head of the Class Fitness Opportunities

I am a FitPaws certified trainer offering canine fitness classes through Head of the Class Dog Training. Upon completion of my K9 Fitness and FitPaws certifications, I developed our well-loved Phy Ed for Fido classes. These unique classes offer tailored opportunities for your dog to improve physical fitness levels in a fun, motivating way. And you can get in on the action, too, with our Fit With Fido classes. The best way to exercise and train your dog is always by having fun. That’s true for us, too. Work and exercise often don’t feel like work and exercise when you mix in some creativity and fun. And what could be more fun than spending healthy bonding time with your favorite canine buddy?

Phy Ed for Fido classes can be done in a group or one-on-one through our Home Gym program. The group classes are held at our WAPC location, while home classes come to you (location dependent). Home classes can happen with or without you. Imagine not feeling so guilty leaving your dog at home all day while you work, knowing that a trainer is coming to do Phy Ed training, give them a potty break and get a little energy out with a walk or round of fetch! (Added bonus, you’ll be greeted with a healthier, calmer dog when you get home!) Or look forward to coming home knowing you’ll be greeted by a FitPaws trainer ready to work with you and your dog conveniently at home.

Lisa Marino, CPDT-KA, KPA-CTP, PMCT, has taken her varied teaching experiences and applied them to helping owners understand and train their beloved four-legged family members. She has more than four years’ experience leading group dog training classes at Best Paw Forward in Hartland, WI, and opened Head of the Class Dog Training LLC in Winchester, VA in 2012, where she conducts group classes and private lessons, as well as helps owners to modify their dogs' problem behaviors. Lisa earned her CPDT-KA in 2012, is a 2015 graduate of the prestigious Karen Pryor Academy and is a Pat Miller Certified Trainer.

No matter your canine fitness needs, we can help at Head of the Class Dog Training. Get your puppy’s energy out or you senior off the couch with one of our programs. Give us a call today to get started.

~ Lisa

FitPaws, Fit Pups

This month we’ve been talking about canine fitness. You’ve read about K9 Fit Club certification and how it prepares trainers to lead canine fitness classes. There’s another certification that’s key to leading fitness classes for dogs, too, called FitPaws certification.