• Wag It Games Obstacles / DIY Agility

Do you like the idea of agility for your dog, but not like the idea of running yourself? Or is your dog older, or too young for the impact of standard agility? Then this is for you! As a team, you complete a short obstacle course at safe heights and speeds to help build doggy confidence and coordination. Much of the equipment can be replicated at home. This class held at the WAPC location only - 190 Costello Dr.

Canine Coaching / Phy Ed for Fido Home Gym:
Would you LOVE to have access to Phy Ed for Fido but you just can’t get your dog to class due to a long work day or tricky schedule?
We can bring Phy Ed TO you!
Benefits of Phy Ed for Fido Home Gym:
We come to you! We can work with your dog whether you are home or not.

Work with you to teach your dog the workout, and then supervise your progress.
Option 2:
Work with your dog – whether you are home or not. This option includes a quick potty break, Phy Ed training, and a brief walk or cardio burst of Fetch, Frisbee, Tug… etc.

  • 1 Month / 10 visits = $250 per month

  • 3 months / 30 visits = $225 per month
  • 5 months / 50 visits = $200 per month

The HOME Gym version is available on a limited basis, location dependent. The first session requires owner presence for evaluation of dog suitability.. Not suitable for dogs with aggression, or fearfulness when owner is absent.Monthly installments due at beginning of each service month. 

Fit with Fido
A class where you can work out with your four legged buddy! Combines speed walking, lunges, pushups, and calisthenics for the human with sits, stays, heeling and focus exercises for your dog. It also will include the use of specialized equipment to help your dog with his strength and endurance, too!  Ends with a stretch for human and dog.
This class held  through Frederick County Parks and Rec - TBD

Most dogs need a lot of exercise and mental stimulation to stay healthy and live a calm, anxiety-free life. A tired dog is a good dog! You can improve your pet's overall well-being and manners by providing them with plenty of engaging mental and physical challenges.  

Phy Ed for Fido
Have a portly pooch? Would you like your dog to reach more optimal health and fitness? Sign up for Phy Ed for Fido!
This isn’t your old school gym class! This class is a quick paced circuit type class where you encourage your dog through various stations – performing exercises to build strength, flexibility, body awareness, balance. We use a combination of balance trainers, jumps, platforms to engage your dog’s mind and muscles and prepare him for more traditional dog sports or activities, help him stave off boredom, and maintain general condition. Each class includes flexibility, balance, coordination and strength exercises with warmup and cool down.

Benefits of Phy Ed for Fido for the family dog:
Puppies: builds confidence and encourages exploration
Desensitizes puppies to movement and unstable surfaces
Adolescents: tires your dog physically and mentally, so he does not engage in destructive behavior
Seniors: maintains strength and prevents muscular atrophy
Keeps senior dogs active with low impact exercise
Cross training can help prevent “weekend warrior” type overuse injuries
Bonding time with your pet
Portable: Can be done indoors or out!

Benefits of Phy Ed for Fido for the performance dog:
Prevent performance related injuries
Shore up weak areas and muscle imbalances
Teach proprioception (body awareness) to avoid dropped bars in agility or slipping on contacts
Develop core strength to protect spine
Increase range of motion and flexibility

How to Join the Gym:
Purchase a Phy Ed Pass! Pre-pay for your Phy Ed Pass and come when you can!

  • 3 session Phy Ed Pass = $60
    • expires after 6 months 

  • 6 session Phy Ed Pass = $110
    • ​expires after 6 months
  • 9 session Phy Ed Pass = $150
    • ​expires after 6 months
  • 12 session Phy Ed Pass =$180
    • ​​expires after 6 months

Phy Ed participants must be good with other dogs and with people. Pooches also need to have nails clipped short to participate.
Bring treats, or treat sticks for low calorie encouragement, water, bowl, water, regular 6ft leash, plain buckle collar or harness.
Phy Ed for Fido Passes expire 6 months from date of purchase, and are non-transferable, and non-refundable.Phy Ed for Fido is a class for general fitness and is no way prescriptive. If your dog has a physical condition or preexisting injury, please consult your veterinarian before engaging in any activity, including Phy Ed for Fido

​These classes will be held at the WAPC location only - 190 Costello Dr.

Keep Fit and healthy with your Furry Fido

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