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"Thank you for visiting Cool to Care Camp! I can think of no better way to teach the next generation the importance of humane animal training. Your program is awesome!"

Megan Flinn - BAACS

"Thank you so much for participating in Career Day! The students and staff LOVED your presentation!"

Evendale Elementary

DOGGONE SAFE: What will you learn?

Daniel Morgan Middle School - Career Day

Evendale Elementary School - Career Day

Greenwood Mill Elementary School - Summer School - Dog Training and Tricks

Girl Scout Troop - Dog Training

Apples and Bits 4 H Group - Dog Training and Tricks

DDAR Junior Executive Board - Dog Bite Prevention

Handley Library - Dog Bite Prevention

Roseville Veterinary Clinic  - Dog Bite Prevention

Roseville Veterinary Clinic - Animal Training

Linden Heights Animal Hospital - Puppy Raising and Socialization

Bowman Library - Dog Bite Prevention

Briggs Animal Adoption Center

(Cool to Care Camp) - Dog Training and Tricks

Bright Box Theater - Animal Welfare

NW Works - Dog Training and Tricks

Shenandoah University

(Exercise Science) - Canine Conditioning and Fitness

Shenandoah University - Puppy Social

Independent School of Winchester

Boys and Girls Club of Northern Shenandoah Valley

James Wood Middle School - Career Day

Valley View Elementary School - Career Day

Roseville Veterinary Clinic - Better Vet Visit Trainiing Tips / Ask the Trainer

Plaza Pet Clinic Better Vet Visit Training Tips / Ask the Trainer

City National Bank - Ask the Trainer - Training Tips and Demo

Winchester SPCA -Ask the Trainer

Where We Have Been: We would love to visit you, too!

Inquire  about a free school or community presentation on dog bite prevention, career day, dog training or related topic - on our contact page!

Kids Group Presentations


  • Dog Bite Prevention
  • Dog and Baby Safety
  • Dog and Toddler Safety
  • Family Friendly Animal Training
  • Raising and Socializing a Puppy
  • Single Training Topics - Short Seminars
  • Bark for Life
  • Canine Carnival
  • Animal Events

We also offer seminars at OUR location about animal related topics.  

Call for fees or to schedule.

As a former Middle School Teacher, I am happy to speak at community events or for kids groups such as animal rescue groups,

scout troops, school groups, day cares, and more.

Community Events, Community Service, Giving Back