Week 1: June 21-  Challenge: Leave It

Week 2: June 27- Challenge: Sit: on a pedestal of some type - in nature, with red, white, and blue

Week 3: July 5- Challenge: Down: in a box, with socks

Week 4: July 12 - Challenge: Relax to the Max: Dog on a bed or couch

Week 5: July 19 - Challenge: Enjoying Ice Cream for National ICe Cream Day

Week 6: July 26 - Challenge: Working Out!: Dog doing a fitness exercise

Week 7: August 2 - Challenge: Earning an Award: Dog with an award, trophy, ribbon or certificate earned - in any activity!

Week 8: August 9 - Challenge: Back to School! Dog doing something "Academic"

Week 9: August 16 - Challenge: Polite Greetings: Your dog using good manners to meet a new person

Week 10: August 23 - Challenge: Green Acres! Dog helping on the farm or meeting a farm species

Week 11: Challenge: Picnics! Dog enjoying a picnic or picnic related game or event

  • Turn up the heat on your dog training skills by participating in our Dog Days of Summer Challenge! Each week there will be a new challenge: an obedience trick, skill, or social experience for your dog.
  • Join us by posting a photo of your dog accepting the challenge. Most creative photo / challenge completion on our Facebook page!
  • Challenges will be listed below!

Dog Days of Summer Challenge! 2015 


Woof and Hoof Challenge - 2017 - 2018

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Regular exercise is good for humans and dogs. Getting a daily walk off of the property is important for dogs to have some mental stimulation. This contest is to motivate and encourage you to do a "mile a day" with your dog. The goal is modest, and running, jogging, and walking all count! Join us to win prizes for achieving the goal. There is still plenty of time to join the challenge! Email or message your weekly mile reports every Sunday to have your totals updated on the chart, here and on Facebook.  

 WOOF and HOOF Challenge began June 1, 2017

Update: Contest is finished! Seven dogs completed the challenge successfully! Thanks for participating!

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