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Advanced Tricks, Complex Cues, and Behavior Chains

Once you and your dog get on the Tricks Bandwagon, and become more proficient with shaping, you'll be ready to challenge yourself further with Advanced Tricks, Complex Cues, and Behavior Chains

This class focuses on building more complicated and multi-step tricks, some of which are on the Advanced or Expert Level  from Do More With Your Dog, some may be skills for Canine Freestyle, physical conditioning, or your own creation. Props and ingenuity are highly encouraged!

Click R Treat Canine Circus Tricks

 Our begininer tricks classes incorporate the Novice and Intermediate level tricks from Do More With Your Dog, (enabling you to earn a Trick Dog Title) along with some creative choreography to develop a little Circus themed routine!

Tricks are taught primarily through capturing and shaping. This class is a super way to build confidence in your dog.

AKC also has a Trick Dog Title Program and you can earn AKC Titles too!

Tricks Classes!

Barkour class is Dog Parkour, a new sport based on human Parkour. It combines running, climbing jumping, and exploring obstacles found in the environment. It is often referred t o as "Urban Agility". There are several levels of titling available through the International Dog Parkour Association. We will have classes starting this fall and winter (2015)

Barkour! - A combination of Tricks, Agility, and Fitness!

We offer several levels of Trick Dog Training from various venues!

Click R Treat Canine Circus Tricks