Canine Cannonball Class:  "Nic (older dog) gets to run off leash, he is good, but there are many critter scents in the area. We let Micah (9 m.o.) off leash for the first time. I had high value treats and “primed the pump” with lots of treats before I turned him loose. Micah was better at coming than Nic! Micah turned on a dime when I called him!  I was impressed that I rated over Nic, I had felt comfortable that I could control Micah through having him follow Nic, but was pleased he was responding independent of his brother.  He was wonderful!  I carefully set up the situation to assure that we had success and don’t intend on letting him off leash in any area I don’t have control of, but he is getting much more reliable on many levels. Thanks for all the help with our learning!"

Kris and Micah  - Canine Cannonball class graduates

Short and Sweet: 

Sometimes you really want to work on just ONE problem area. We offer two session classes in the following trouble spots:  Come, Stay / Wait, Loose Leash Walk

  • Canine Cannonball! - Turn your deaf dog into a cannonball! - two session class that works on RECALL!
  • The Parking Spot! - Teach your dog to stay in place - no matter where you put him! - two session class working on Stay and Wait
  • Walk This Way! - Convert your puller into a serene stroller - three session class that teaches loose leash walking skills to both ends of the leash

Classes held at three locations:

156 N. Loudoun and 190 Costello Dr.

and SPCA 111Featherbed Ln

Up And Out, Let's Walk About

This is a 4 week class held in various locations to improve your dog's reliability around multitudes of distractions. There is a "City Dog" version - held in the Walking Mall and a "Country Dog" version - held in the County Parks through the Frederick County Park and Rec Department. This class is only offered in spring and fall, and prepares you for the Advanced Canine Good Citizen Test - or Community Canine Test. 

Hocus Pocus, My Dog Needs Focus!
Does your dog listen at home, but leave you at a loss when he goes bananas at the sight of a squirrel? A skateboard? Leaves blowing in the street?  Does he only listen, "When he feels like it?" Hocu Pocus will help you to work around distractions that can send your dog over the edge in excitability.  You will learn techniques to get your dog's attention and keep it, and coping skills to deal with those surprise encounters in real life.  You dog learns impulse control, and to be calm and relaxed when working around distractions. You will explore techniques like:

  • counter conditioning and desensitization
  • stimulus control
  • how to use alternative reinforcers
  • improve latency (Getting your dog to respond FASTER) 

You will need lots of small, very delectable treats for this class - not your usual fare. (Boiled chicken, cheese cubes, for example) Class is limited to 4 dogs. This is not a beginner class - all dogs need to know sit, down, stay, focus / watch, Come from 10 ft away in low distraction environments as a prerequisite..

Polite Pooch 1 and 2
This class is the perfect place to begin with a new adult dog, or older puppy to learn basic manners such as sit, down, heel, wait, stay, focus, etc. You will learn how to communicate with your dog, building a positive relationship.  Basic Polite Pooch practices all of the skills tested on the APDT "My Dog Has C.L.A.S.S." B.A. level test.​ Level 2 is an extension of Polite Pooch 1, with added distractions and proofing of behaviors. We also include AKC Canine Good Citizen test items in the class, and offer CGC testing every 6 weeks. This class is a 6 week class on a traditional schedule. Lvl 2 Prereq: Completed JR High Level of Polite Pooch Booklet

Learn how to:

  • Effectively communicate with your dog so he responds the FIRST time
  • Build a positive relationship with your dog
  • Teach and practice Basic Obedience cues with your dog​

Polite Pooch Program Prices

​​​Manners Classes:

These classes emphasize basic and advanced manners and skills and supply the building blocks for a well behaved dog:

Our Group Classes: Good Manners for the Family Dog

Group classes are a fun and economical way to work with your dog. We offer a variety of group classes from beginner to advanced. Choose to start with Puppy Kindergarten for the basics and socialization, or Polite Pooch for basic  good manners for an older dog. (Over 5 months) All of our classes employ positive reinforcement and clicker training for working with your dog.​


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  • 4 Lesson Pack + Video Access - $120
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  • 6 Lesson Pack + Video Access - $160   
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  • 8 Lesson Pack + Video Access - $200   
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  • ​18 Lesson Pack + Video Access - $ 375
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  • 20 Lesson Pack + Video Access - $400
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  • Single Class - $35 (Go to "classes" on calendar to choose single class option)
  • Class Programs of 8 and more include  treat pouch
  • ​Class Programs of 14 and more include option of moving up to PP2/CGC Class for 6 class credits

We use an Open Enrollment system for Basic Polite Pooch. Classes are ongoing at specific days and times, allowing you to purchase a class package to meet your needs.  Come as often as fits your schedule. Sign up and start the SAME DAY!

  • Start right away! No need to wait for a new class – which may be WEEKS away!

  • You can go on vacation without “missing” a class, since  class topics can be taken in any order

  • You and your dog progress at the rate that works for you – multiple levels of the exercises are presented in the same class

  • Attend any of the Basic classes – in either location – you are not locked in to a specific time or place
  • Please verify and sign in  for each class you want to take- due to the open enrollment system, classes may be cancelled, or full - which can vary week to week - and due to my Canine Crisis Response work, I may need to cancel a class periodically

Polite Pooch 1 Classes are Open Enrollment!